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Little Earth Summer Camps 2024

July 1st - August 23rd - 2 to 11 y/o - Monday through Friday 8:45 am to 2 pm

Tug of War

Summer Camp

The camp rotates weekly through 3 different locations. Parents can choose to register for the full summer camp (8 weeks) or pick and choose the weeks that best fit their family schedule and summer travel plans. See schedule below.


Surf Camp

Come explore the nature aquatic playground in Ventura as we learn to care for, appreciate, respect and safely enjoy the ocean and all it has to offer.



SUMMER CAMP WEEKLY SCHEDULE*:                                                              

Monday through Friday 8:45 am-2 pm 


July 1-5 : Forest (Ojai/Ventura)

July 8-12 : Farm (Ojai/Ventura)

July 15-19 : Beach (Ventura)                                                                               

July 22-26 : Forest (Ojai/Oak View)

July-Aug 29-1: Farm (Ojai/Ventura)

August 5-9 : Beach (Ventura).                                                                           

August 12-16 : Forest (Ojai/Oak View)

August 19-23 : Farm (Ojai/Ventura)

*We are committed to keep the above schedule, but please note that schedule may change at any time due to unforeseen weather and/or location conditions and limitations. Parents drop off and pick up at each given location. Due to the need to hire staff upon your commitment, there are no refunds once booked.



 Monday through Friday 8:45 am  - 2 pm  

 July 15-19: Beach (Ventura)


August 5-9:  Beach (Ventura)

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