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Little Earth Franchising Opportunities

An opportunity with life-changing potential

"We’ve built a business model that can help people 

make a meaningful difference in their lives and the lives of others."

                                Barbara and Garrett Smith

Little Earth Forest School's ambition is to lead the shift toward transformative education that sees children as whole humans, with unique abilities,  and that can prepare them to lead the changes our world needs. 

Launched in 2020 by husband and wife Garrett and Barbara Smith, Little Earth's Advanced Wholistic Education is now serving children from 2 to 10 years old, and currently developing curricula

for grades 6-12.

To reach as many children and communities as possible Little Earth is now opening franchising opportunities all over the US and abroad.






South Carolina


Why Little Earth Forest School?

Prefect Timing

Although forest schools have been around for decades, the post-pandemic world has seen a huge increase in demand for alternative education models that allow children to be more in contact with nature and focus on whole-child development. 

The current failing educational system has made its flaws more visible in the past few years continuing to fail to prepare children for the world.

Public schools have seen an unprecedented drop in enrollments,

as families are looking for alternative educational models. This is the perfect time to consider opening a Little Earth Franchise.

Turn-Key Opportunity

Owning your own business may feel liberating or daunting, depending on the perspective. Our franchising opportunity allows you to own your business following a made-for-you model and with the support of a seasoned team that is not on your pay-roll.

We have removed the guess work from HOW TO and have created a turn-key business model that is lucrative as much as it is rewarding.

Everything is provided to you from training to curriculum to legal, marketing and administrative support. We support you in your hiring process, negotiating, outreach and of course teaching. 



Community plays a huge role in Little Earth's approach and ethos. Children learn in and with the community.

From locations to education community members are an essential contributing piece of Little Earth's success.

Every Little Earth school is deeply rooted in its community and draws from its community talent and advocacy.

Little Earth Forest School Market Growth.png
School Field Trip


  • Low Starting Costs

  • Turn-Key programs and Operations

  • Very Quick Turnaround

  • Heart-Centered Business Model

  • Increasing Demand

  • Business Coaching

  • Easy scale potential

  • Multiple Revenue Streams Potential

  • No Previous Business or Education Experience Required

Collecting Rubbish


Although Little Earth revolves around education, no education experience is required to become a franchise owner. Little Earth’s ideal candidate typically meets the following criteria:

  • Passion for making a lasting impact on future generations

  • Desire to grow 

  • Ready to make a change

If you are a parent or a teacher or simply feel inspired to be part of this movement to give the youngest generations an alternative learning opportunity that  feeds the whole person, supports critical thinking and re-frames what successful education looks like, this may just be the opportunity you have been looking for.

We will get in touch to explore if this is a great fit 

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