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2026: k-12 whole school sustainability

A future in the making

We are in the process of designing the next chapter of Little Earth: Little Earth 2026 that will support learners all the way to 12th grade.

Building on the current SE (Sustainability Education) framework for k-5, we are expanding the possibilities of a new educational system that inspires and suits the capabilities of young adults, while providing the technical skills needed to tackle pressing real world challenges.

We are building the school of the future using a sustainable development framework to redefine the meaning of education.

Little Earth 2026 will be the 1st school in the USA to be 100% SE driven.



A campus imagined and designed to serve as the whiteboard learners need to master sustainable technical skills and cultivate environmentally responsible behavior.



The sustainability-driven academic program integrates seamlessly core pedagogies with hands-on project based learning, place-based learning and nature-based learning.


Community Garden


Beyond the school campus, our whole-school sustainability programs have the potential to spread environmental awareness while building relationships and synergies within communities.

Little Earth 2026 will deliver an integrated approach to sustainability across campus, curriculum, and community inspiring and preparing students to become responsible citizens and environmental stewards. Connecting learning across these three areas also enables teachers to create meaningful learning experiences that transform attitudes, values, perceptions, and behaviors.

Students will graduate from Little Earth with the skills, competencies, and knowledge to enact changes in economic, ecological, and social behavior.

If you share our passion for transformative education and would love to get involved choose an option below:

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