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Image by Jamie Taylor
Image by Jamie Taylor

teaching for transformation

Advanced Wholistic Education for tomorrow's changemakers

A preschool to 5th grade educational program
to raise whole & connected humans

Image by Senjuti Kundu

A Human-Centered Approach

that fosters and values all the aspects that make us human and whole: Creativity, Connections, Diversity, Self-Awareness, Purpose.

Image by Annie Spratt

Learning in nature and with nature

nature is not just the place where our learners spend most of their time, it is one of our most important teachers.

Image by Johannes Plenio

Education for Sustainable Development

gives learners of all ages the knowledge, skills, values and agency to address interconnected global challenges including climate change, loss of biodiversity, unsustainable use of resources, and inequality.

The Little Earth difference


is a result

not a goal 

Learning is a collaborative effort

Diverse learning abilities are welcome and necessary

Image by Annie Spratt


As an alternative to the banking model, which identifies learners as recipients of knowledge and sees education as reproductive, transformative education positions learners as participants in knowledge creation, and thus sees education as transformative.

The purpose of transformative education is to empower learners to see the world critically and through an ethical lens, so that they will challenge and change the status quo as agents of change. 


Our Programs

2 to 10 y/o - Monday through Friday 8:30 am to 1 pm - Extended hours 8:30 am to 2:30 pm

Image by Marcus Wallis

Preschool: 2 to 5 y/o

a nurturing multi-age program for littles who learn through the hundred languages belonging to all human beings, and grows in relations with others and nature. 

Image by Ben White

k-5: 5  to 11 y/o

an interdisciplinary program that intertwines common core California's standards, critical thinking and responsible stewardship through hand-on, project-based and passion-based activities as an opportunity to inspire positive change. 


Summer Camps: 2 to 10 y/o

for kids that are ready for adventures away from the confinement of home or classroom while they unplug from technology in order to connect with nature and eachother. We offer nature camps as well as surf camps.

Our Campus

Nestled in the scenic lower Ojai valley over 36 acres of gated preserved land, designated Monarch breeding site, our campus  serves as a platform for different age-level groups to engage in outdoor education, play-based and project-based learning as well as environmental education.Our cabins and yurts provide shelter when needed and a creative space for our culinary projects and academic learning.

Conveniently located 5 minutes from Ventura, 10 minutes from Ojai, 20 minutes from Carpinteria and 1 hour north of Los Angeles.

The benefits of forest schooling

Nature Class
Outdoor Education





Climbing a Tree

From parent to parent

Nature Tokens

Little Earth has been the forest school home that our family was looking for. Little Earth has been a wonderful learning environment for both our wild boy and our quiet girl. Each is nurtured in a way unique to their needs. They have been encouraged to grow and try new things, introduced to learning opportunities in nature, made new friends and found new passions. We love the balance between farm and forest, the cooking classes, the ability to learn through play and all of the social growth that happens when different aged children have the opportunity to spend time together. 


The Founders, B and Garrett, are wonderful communicators, are always open to suggestions and feedback, and never stop looking for ways to enhance the children's experiences. They have built an incredible community of teachers, children and families that we are lucky to be a part of. 

Kate K. - Lucy and Levi's Mom

Two Dried Leaves
We are extremely grateful for Little Earth Forest School. Our youngest child started the program this autumn and she is thriving, playing, and learning every day in the most beautiful outdoor settings.  Preschool age is a very important developmental time when emotions are high, brains and bodies are growing rapidly, and children need opportunities to learn how to manage risk, their emotions, and how to navigate conflict. Little Earth is a school where children can be themselves, connect with nature, and learn about friendship, all with the mentorship of playful and nurturing teachers. 

Shawna C. - Cliona's Mom 

Dry Reeds
When choosing a school for our son we knew we wanted something that would encourage his confidence, freedom and connection to Nature. Little Earth has been a dream come true. The community is reach with love, open hearts, and curiosity runs abundant. I have witnessed my 2 year old lead and be lead, have fun and find his place among his peers. he loves it and we love it too. A perfect launchpad into the New World, a place to let them be little, pure, and lead the way.

Amanda M. - Jude's Mom

White Grass
Little Earth has been a gift beyond measure for my son and our family. He comes home everyday with dirt on his clothes and light in his eyes, and I know that is what is contributing to his childhood - and to the foundation of the rest of his life - and it is truly invaluable for us. Little Earth Forest School is a place where children are truly in their element, exploring nature, lost in their own imaginations and free to learn and grow in the most natural way. Every child in the world deserves a childhood experience like the one Little Earth provides.

Kacey R. - Jonah's Mom

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